Fur - the natural,
responsible choice

The BFTA represents the fur sector in the UK.

We promote high standards in animal welfare, responsible manufacturing and processing and the right to trade in and to wear fur.

Our members are manufacturers, traders, fur garment wholesalers and retailers, designers, students and other lovers of fur. Read more

Origin Assured

The BFTA promotes high standards and champions fur fashion. With this in mind BFTA has recently introduced a new consumer assurance initiative -  Origin Assured (OA™). Read more

Fur Workshop

As part of our Fur Design Competition for students the BFTA held a workshop for finalists.  Eight finalists were selected and invited to a one day workshop.  The workshop included a presentation of fur techniques from Dorte Lenau Klint of SAGA Furs; presentations from a fur designer and buyer from Hockley, London; a tour of a fur warehouse; demonstration from a furrier and a practical fur sewing machine session and practice using various tools.  Read more